I want to personally say thank you!  On behalf of the State of Arkansas, Thank you.

On behalf of the Arkansas Peer Advisory Committee, Thank you.

I know how hard you fought to overcome the grips of addiction.  I understand that recovery is not easy. Your passion and commitment to help others is the key to its success.

We are a group of non-clinical individuals that are living with a substance use and/or mental health diagnoses and have found a new way to live. Through our lived experience we have turned our past into a purpose, our mess into a message.

It is through that lived experience that we can reach others that are still suffering and model for them better life through our actions and mutual support. Our state is beginning to embrace the concept that recovery is possible. Knowing that you have overcome the despair of this disease is an inspiration to others that are engulfed in the battle.

With this training and supervision that follows you can become a key player in the Behavioral Health System in Arkansas.  Peer Recovery is changing the way people in Arkansas can find and sustain Recovery.


Your friend in recovery.

Jimmy McGill

State Opioid Recovery Coordinator


Peer Specialist Application Form

Contact Information

Jimmy McGill PR
State Opioid Response Coordinator
Division of Behavioral Health Services
305 S. Palm Street (Mailing Address)
4800 W. 7th Street (Physical Address)
Little Rock, AR 72205
Office: (501)683-0312
Cell: (501)478-9091
Fax: (501)686-9396